Athens for muslim tourist

You have to know

Mosque in Athens

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A very popular way of entertainment in Greece is bouzoukia. The best greek songer perform there. For bouzoukia in the winter go downtown Athens (Gazi area). For bouzoukia in the summer go to coastal Athens (lined up on Poseidonos avenue). You don't have to buy tickets in advance.

usually live music in night clubs like bouzoukia are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

What about halal foods?

The over-the-top bouzoukia experience that start around midnight and end sometime in the morning.

Here's a taste of what you'll experience

know before to take a taxi the Cabaret. Don't ask to the taxi to introduce you.

The price is about 160-180 euros for a bottle af alcool for 6 person's.

Attention: Opening Friday and Saterday.

Our preference: Poseidonion Music Hall

Open Wendsday

Good air conditionning


Verry good service

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