Athens night life

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Live Music - Bouzoukia

A very popular way of entertainment in Greece is bouzoukia. The best greek songer perform there. For bouzoukia in the winter go downtown Athens (Gazi area). For bouzoukia in the summer go to coastal Athens (lined up on Poseidonos avenue). You don't have to buy tickets in advance.

usually live music in night clubs like bouzoukia are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The over-the-top bouzoukia experience that start around midnight and end sometime in the morning.

Here's a taste of what you'll experience

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Make a reservation thru the consierge of your hotel

know before to take a taxi the Cabaret. Don't ask to the taxi to introduce you.

The price is about 160-180 euros for a bottle af alcool for 6 person's.

Attention: Opening Friday and Saterday.

TIPS: A private cab is the best way to go around safely and confortably. Taxi working the night try to maximize the revenus ;)

ATTENTION: If you cannot stand cigarettes smoke, you should never go to bouzoukia. At these clubs there is no division into smoking and non smoking area… just because almost everyone smokes.

Oriental tourist are verry confortable to this ambiance. Special for them this video from Paola

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Our preference: Poseidonion Music Hall

Open Wendsday

Good air conditionning


Verry good service

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Athens Night Life

Summers Beach Bar

During the summer the beach bars near Vouliagmenh or Glyfada is the place to be for all Athenians before ending the night at Bouzoukia (the famous Opa Opa music hall's) with the oriental style music and syrtaki. Have to be see!

From the high class Akrotiri, the celebrated Island or the famous Rock n Roll, Athens offers a wide selection of nightlife, satisfying all preferences and tastes.

Summer clubs in coastal Athens offer a wide selection of styles, satisfying all preferences and tastes. They open around midnight and attract those who want to party until sunrise with famous local and international DJs. They throw HUGE parties with thousands of people, fireworks, light shows etc.

Ultimate locations

Open Sky movies theater

out_door_movie_theater in Athens greatest_movie_theater in Athens open_air_cinema in Athens

Alexander’s Bar at the Grande Bretagne Hotel

In the Grande Bretagne Hotels, at the first floor, Alexander's is old-fashioned bar, and occasional live music. It offers an impressive selection of cognacs and malt whiskies, plus classic cocktails.

Galaxy Bar at the Hilton Hotel

On the top floor of the Hilton Hotel, with views of the floodlit Acropolis rising above the city rooftops, this see-and-be-seen bar serves pricey cocktails named after the stars. There’s a terrific open-air terrace and occasional celebrity DJ’s playing lounge and electro. It stays open into the early-morning.