Athens have a modern Public Transport Network due to the massive investment made for the Olympic Games 2004.

Public available transport are: Metro,Bus and Tram. Keep in mind that strikes in Greece occur regularly and many times affect transportation. Strike schedules are usually announced just 1-3 days in advance, so it’s essential to stay informed. You can find all the official transport here. The Map of the official Gouvernemental Site very bad to explore.

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About Athens Metro

It is clean, modern, convenient and cheap and has some state of the art stations. It has made it getting around the city easier including to and from the Athens Airport. The visitors and the athenians love it.

Athens enjoys a state-of-the-art public transportation system (Metro) that is unrivaled in Europe. Known for its timeliness and convenience, the Metro stations also serve as miniature museums showcasing Greek art

is verry clean and fast . The Athens METRO is one of the safest metro networks in the world

I forgot to mention that you can buy your tickets from a ticket machine(English Language Option Available)or from a member of staff at the ticket window.

Suburban Rail

Suburban Rail named "Proastiakos".

This train exist between Athens Center, Peireaus Port, Korinthos, Patra and the Athens International Airport. Is conneccted to the 3 Metro lines and to the Natioanl RailRoad Network at Larisshs RailRoad Station and to Acharnes Railway Center (SKA) to go to the North Greece. You can use the same Metro ticket for the Center Athens transfers.

About Bus

contrary of buses that are dirty, old and slow.Have under consideration the bus only to coming for the Athens Airport.

About Tram

Athens Tram Map Transfer

Tram is fantastic to have a look of all the new Athens Riviera. You can visit all long beaches and seaside bars.

2 lines exist: one from Center Athens Syntagma Square to Voula Terminus and one from Neo Faliro (near Piraeus) to Voula Terminus.