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Optic shop street art Athens
Need food street art Athens
Tsolias Euro street art Athens
street art in exarxeia

Goldman Sachs

Loukanikos street art athens
photo expiration_date

Expiration Date (Petit Paris d' Athenes 2017 Festival)

Place: Deligianni avenue and Kritis street (near Larissis train station)

Artist: SimpleG.

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street art in exarxeia

Knowledge speaks – Wisdom listens

Place: Latisshs Station Train street corner: Samou Street and Konstantinou Palaiologou street

Artist: WD

Made for the Festival "Petit Paris d'Athénes"

photo koutelieri le petit paris festival

Petit Paris d' Athenes 2017 Festival

Place: Peloponhsou Train Station Artist: Lia Koutelieri Photo: George Danopoulos.

Loukanikos street art athens

Loukanikos: The riot dog

Place: Keramikos Artist: ????

Loukanikos (Λουκάνικος: the sausage loukaniko) has been present at nearly every recent protest in Athens in the past few years.[12] This stray has ostensibly become the symbol of Greek protests against the IMF- and ECB-prompted austerity measures.

In September 2011, on the occasion of a striking policemen's union marching in the centre of Athens,Loukanikos, according to eyewitnesses,was "initially confused" between two opposite sides both of uniformed policemen but, when the riot police contingent attacked their striking colleagues, the dog sided with "those who were being attacked."

Loukanikos' health was "severely burdened" by the inhaling of tear gas and other chemicals during the many riots in which he participated but lived until approximately ten years of age, dying peacefully on 9 October 2014 at the home of a person who cared for him.

street art in exarxeia Optic shop streat art Athens
Optic shop streat art Athens

INO Wall

INO, the mural artist, said there was still room to convey social messages through commissioned work. He recently painted a large outdoor mural for an exhibition at the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens, depicting a woman’s face on paper being crushed with a hand. “The message is that man has become a slave of his creators,” he said.

Optic shop streat art Athens

Praying Hands

located on Piraeus street

street art in exarxeia

Hope Dies Last

Place: ??? Artist: Wild Drawing Year: 2015

Loukanikos street art athens

No Land for the Poor

artist: WD