Athens the safest european city

IS Athens transportation network save?

Safety at the METRO The Athens METRO is one of the safest metro networks in the world and this is not accidental, since the advanced technological systems that have been installed are handled by experienced and properly trained personnel.

Some pickpockets operate on the Metro targeting tourists. Just take the usual precautions. If problem "cry"!! Greek do not see you passive but comes to help you and knows that Athens is a very safe city.

Fake articles in Tripadvisor

When you search in Google "athens public transport" you find verry well positioned the following review in Tripadvisor writed by Tripadvisor. In this review is clearly writed thats:

"Be extremely careful using public transport in Athens. So many tourists get pickpocketed every day. It is a serious problem, even at 05:30 in the morning criminals are active. At the Canadian embassy they reported 15 victims in 3 days (May 7th to May 10th, 2011).

This is completly false writed by an Tripadvisor paraia employes around the 2011 -2012. Is shade that Google put this reviw in first page at the 2017.

For infomation: At the same site you find a forum writted by tourist and locals with exactly the oposite position.

Athens is a verry safe city for women alone too